rapidprotoAvalon’s onsite production capabilities provide rapid response prototyping to full production. We can help you design the right prototype for your testing and design verification needs with material science and manufacturing expertise.

  • Rapid response prototyping to full production
  • Experienced engineering team to reduce time to market
  • State-of-the-art facilities, engineering and manufacturing along with equipment for successful prototype to full production yields

Avalon can help you prototype a medical device for lower unit costs, higher quality, reliable manufacturing processes, better adherence to regulatory requirements and accelerated time to market.

Prototype Tooling and Fixturing

Both manufacturing locations (California and Mexico) have an on-site tooling facility that is professionally staffed for mold and fixture manufacturing. Avalon can provide quick turnaround of molds for prototypes and ongoing maintenance of approved manufacturing molds and fixtures for uninterrupted and improved manufacturing yields.