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Avalon Labs

Avalon Polymer Solution Casting™
A Full Range of Product Options and Capabilities

Avalon, a Nordson Company, offers polymer science, unique engineering technology and innovation to provide new and distinctive custom catheter solutions for medical device companies.

Avalon’s polymer solution casting offers high performance catheters and shafts that result in thin walls with tight tolerances. Avalon’s technology provides a multitude of design options while streamlining manufacturing processes for improving manufacturability, reliability and cost-efficiency.


Single and multi-lumen
Complex geometric designs

Embedded Reinforcement/Features

Coiling and braiding (flat, round wire)
Malleable and laser cut wires
Radiopaque/imaging targets (marker bands, tantalum dots)
Medical grade stainless steel or nitinol

Tubing/Shaft Features

Low Profile
Kink resistant/flexibility
Column strength
Varying durometer or wall thickness along the length
Lubricious inner and/or outer surface

Hubs, Luers, Caps and Connectors

Custom or standard colors
Hub Bonding

Avalon Labs

Growing Applications Lab and Capabilities

Avalon is growing its catheter prototype and testing capabilities with new equipment and additional experienced medical device engineering staff. Newer equipment capabilities include longer length and thinner profiles and added testing capabilities (e.g. stress testing). Avalon works to provide customers manufacturing support during the development stage of the product lifecycle, from concept prototypes to full production for pre-clinical and clinical requirements.

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Avalon Labs
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