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Avalon Labs

Bunting, Earls & Associates
Central United States Representation

Avalon has signed an agreement with Bunting, Earls & Associates to provide sales representation for its engineering and manufacturing services of wire-reinforced catheters and specialized medical tubing in the central United States.

They will provide sales coverage in the central U.S. and other strategic regions including: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Bunting, Earls & Associates, Inc. was established in 1966 as Manufacturers' Representatives of suppliers with custom OEM manufacturing capabilities for components as well as complete assemblies for the medical device industry.

Avalon Labs

Wire-Reinforced Catheters
Increase Product Options and Performance

Looking for ways to deliver seamless transitions in the stiffness profiles of catheter systems. Optimizing these transition areas translates to improved kink resistance, leading to better force translation, which enhances device pushability and trackability.

Avalon's polymer solution casting process can achieve both flexibility and pushability along a catheter shaft without multiple materials and steps. This manufacturing process utilizes liquid polymer layers to encapsulate multiple components or wire reinforcements, and vary wall thicknesses or diameters along the length of the device, while also maintaining tight tolerances.

Polymer solution casting utilizes thin wall layering and material viscosity of the liquid polymer to achieve dimensional tolerances and minimal wall thickness. It is an excellent multilayer approach, offering pinpoint delivery performance where needed.

Avalon's technology lends itself well to creating wire-reinforced shafts for catheter and delivery devices with the ability to optimize column strength, flexibility, and wall thickness for ideal shaft transitioning and steerability. Polymer solution casting can achieve optimal integration of the polymer with braiding, coiling, or hypotubes.

Additional layering can be applied to the proximal end for strength and thinner layering to the distal end for flexibility. For feature-rich, reliable catheter shafts and medical tubing.

Avalon Labs

Clean Room Expansion
Avalon has expanded our polyurethane cleanroom manufacturing space to increase production capacity.

This is part of our continuous improvement and quality work to ensure we are meeting our customer's production expectations and high-quality products and standards. The additional 1,800 square foot expansion is in our Guaymas, Mexico facility built to US standards the cleanroom space is ISO Class 8 certified.

Avalon is committed to reinvesting its resources to better service our customers. A larger expansion plan will be underway in our Mexico facility for 2015.

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